Interaction among the students, their guardians and the institute plays an important role at BTC. The institute makes serious endeavour in the process of counselling the students to comprehend the related subject matters. Practical Training and class room tests are taken to evaluate the progress of the students regularly.
The teaching method atBTC encompasses both the conventional teanfrastructureching like class room lectures and the unconventional system with the aid of computers, audio-visuals and others.


BTC(Birendra’sTeaching Centre)puts a lot of emphasis on the communication between the students and the faculty. All the branches take great care in providing free interaction between the students and faculty members.

BTC  (Birendra’s Teaching Centre)   believes in a to do lab our hard.
BTC offers one of the best environments for carreer development and progression.
A strong performance culture ensures that your career is came out and defined in line with your individual growth, and the overall growth of the organization

BTC   offers privileges and multiple benefits to its faculty in respect to individual experience and merit. You can rest assured that you are in the safest and best of hands.

To fulfill the educational needs to give our fully effort.

Our Mission is to pursue research, learning and teaching to international level.